About Us

For mutual trust and long term projects Since its founding in 2006, Baski Evi Printing Company has provided printing services and fulfilled special orders for corporate companies from a variety of sectors. Along our 10 years of experience, our objective has been to enhance the sheet-fed offset and digital printing industry with advanced printing technologies and to provide an excellent customer service in line with the international standards in place. Our priority is to create an open line of communication with our customers so that we fully understand your needs and effectively develop specialized business solutions to meet your demands. We take pride in the trust we have built with our valued business partners, who are confident that their orders are handled meticulously and professionally by our seasoned staff in order to ensure a timely delivery and a superior customer experience. Keeping our social responsibilities at the forefront of our business model, we work to create happy business partners, happy teammates and ultimately happy communities through our customer-focused, service-oriented production standards.

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Technological Differences

Baskı Evi Printing Company,has the principle of following the ongoing basis technology. We are a leading company with customer-focused, infrastructure investments. We have specific software programmes for our customer’s satisfaction. By the investement of Prepress CTP technology, Heidelberg Printing Machines and finishing machines, we are proud of producing high quality products. We also quote with a special pricing program, which allows us to be very fast in quoating. By the help of custom written ERP programs we have the the ability to manage the production process at all stages of the production and we have the ability to offer our customers information capable of a their products. To serve in international standards and to maintain the same print quality JUST D50 Prographic Fluorescent 120cm (ISO 3664-2009) under the light, giving the most accurate color custom made continuous calibration with EIZO screens and X-Rite spectrophotometer, the necessary checks for each print Exact providing production.

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Social Responsibility

As Baski Evi team, we made a pledge to serve our communities and to participate in social responsibility projects. Since our founding, we have supported a multitude of civil society organizations such as Tohum Autism Foundation, TEMA, DOWN Turkey, Turkish Handball Federation, AKUT, LÖSEV. We will continue our efforts to enhance societal and humanitarian values as a socially responsible company through active participation in many other future endeavors.

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Our Office and Our Team

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and taking pride in our social responsibilities. We are a family of dedicated professionals. We encompass an office space of 1200m2, along with a 100 m2 of color printing capacity that contains a full production printing and finishing line within. Our first and foremost goal is to provide superior service for our customers.

  • İş Geliştirme Analisti / Business Development Analyst
    We have real partnership with Baskı Evi. They are even more careful than us and paying full attention to our works. We trust and know that we will have the best results when working with them.
    Ceren Ongun, İş Geliştirme Analisti / Business Development Analyst
  • Eğitim ve Geliştirme Müdürü / Training and Development Manager
    Dear Baskı Evi Family, We are working with you for 2 years for our training documents such as; graphical design and printing. Especially, we are glad about your services; that you are coming to our office and collaborate with our team to prepare the documents. We achieve delivering best trainings with your support and this is a big thank from us to all of your team members...
    Dilhan KASIMCAN, Eğitim ve Geliştirme Müdürü / Training and Development Manager
  • Genel Müdür / General Manager
    Baskı Evi became our valued solution partner by their creative and innovative approach; resulting with high quality products. With a succesful team spirit, Baskı Evi present us alternative solutions with high customer satisfaction. We wish working together for long term with this company as they also show real importance to social value...
    Dr. Jülide Ergin, Genel Müdür / General Manager
  • Satınalma ve İdari İşler Grup Başkanı / Director of Administrative Affairs and Purchasing
    Baskı Evi is being more than a vendor, they are our solution partner based on trust. Their consultancy start from design and continue till the delivery of the product. They support us with their high quality production and keeping the right deadlines. We appreciate their out of box approach and their added value services. We wish Baskı Evi Family continued success...
    Koray Kırma, Satınalma ve İdari İşler Grup Başkanı / Director of Administrative Affairs and Purchasing