What are the types of binding?

Stitching: Stitching used in magazines and brochures kind of binding.

Book Binding: Commonly used in books and catalogues. Book binding is done by glueing the back of the inserts and binding covers.

Book Sewing : Commonly used in books and catalogues which will be used in long terms. Sewing allows the users to open the pages in comfort.

Wire-O: Commonly used in notebooks, diaries and notepads. Wire-o allows the user to turn the pages 360 degrees.

What are the types of laminating and why is it been used?

Lamination is for protecting the printed materials from the water, from the light, from tearing and other external factors. Therefore,lamination is used on the covers of the books and notebooks, menus which will be used for long time purposes. The most often lamination types are; Matt or Glossy Cellophane, Matt or Glossy Varnish,Matt or Glossy Dispersion Lack, Sot- UV

What is Pantone?

Pantone does not combine with CMYK. It could either be addition to CMYK or added toCMYK. A change of color is not desired. Especially pantone colors are preferred for corporate identity products. The colors can be defined as a common universal language.

What is CMYK Printing?

There are 4 main colors in printing. Some special angles and trams are making these main colors on top of each other. The main four colors are; C:Cyan (blue),M:Magenta (red), Y:Yellow, K:Key (black)

All the other color are combined with these main ones. Such as: if you want green; it’s the combination of C&Y on top of each other.

What are the basic papers?

Paper is produced and is defined by different criteria; raw materials, recently applied to the surface they contain additives and process are defined accordingto different properties is produced with. The common types are 2 sides coated papers, uncoated papers, 1 side coated papers, kraft papers, and cardboard

What is the standart paper?

According to ISO216 regulations, the regular paper begins with the letter A and the most useful one is A4. Such as Letterheads, extracts and many other forms sizes as A4.